5 Days In New York

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I regret to inform you that I am away from my desk this upcoming week.

I am traveling. Exploring. Scavenging. Blazing a trail through the streets of Manhattan. I am that tiny girl with braces and a camera that looks thirteen but speaks old language phrases like “shall” and “thusly”. Except, there’s the incessant horns, sirens, and winds, which means I’m shouting every word—but really, that’s not new.

I am in New York.

The All Academies Military Ball


Every year since my brother attended the academy, we would go to the All Academies Military Ball.

My brother is a senior now. Being as it was the last ball we would attend, I begrudgingly drug my vlogging camera (the one I was swearing I wouldn’t touch until next vlogmas) along with me to capture special little clips of the night’s events.

And I’m glad I did.

I Fight With My Camera A Lot | VLOGMAS #13


I may not act it in this video, but I just had that horrifying realization that as a 21-year-old human being, I am practically a grown adult. Practically. As in, a full grown woman.

Woah, man.

So I should probably stop getting into hissy fits and marriage disputes with inanimate objects. I think I just discovered my 2017 new year resolution.



Another Sunday, another long day. So much to vlog!! Watching this makes me smile. I love my friends.

They’re so patient with me when I continuously interrupt their adult conversations by  screaming, “JOGHURT!”

Christmas Light Nails | VLOGMAS #10


Christmas makes me more girly. I wear red lipstick, and sheer black stockings that take forever to wiggle into, and I deign (yes, deign, I’m a snob) to wear sparkles in various forms upon my body.

I also do nail art. And the easiest—yet somehow impressive—design I know is a string of Christmas lights. I did this in blog post form a few years ago. But if you’ve been looking for a video, here it is.

Night In With The Family | VLOGMAS #8


You get a healthy dose of the Koontz family in today’s vlog.

Whether you are emotionally prepared for it or not—that is the question.

Words That Make Up A Christmas Song | VLOGMAS #7


I can’t upload another video about doing nothing. – The thought that started it all.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Stress of vlogmas is the father of forced creativity.

I really enjoyed making today’s video.

The One Where Nothing Happens | VLOGMAS #6


One of these days, I will look pretty in a thumbnail. Today is not that day, sir!

I make an executive decision which ends in less of a vlog for you. However, I hope all bloggers and vloggers will follow my example. Remember: You own your blog, your blog doesn’t own you! I cut it short today to take some time to regroup (and by regroup I mean watch Elf with my family).

[VIDEO] Blues Song From A Dog Rejected


Last week, I posted “Blues Song From A Dog Rejected,” promising that if enough people requested it, I would turn this silly little poem into a music video.

You asked. Hence, I put on a ridiculous performance, and deliver.

That’s showbiz.



It isn’t Christmas until the music is playing, the tree is glimmering, and the house smells like dusty decorations and pine.

I’ll be honest, it feels like any old, cold day, but I’m sure soon my emotions will catch up with the Christmas spirit the way my silliness—undoubtedly—has.

How about that sandwich, though?