Unblocking The Block

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Here’s the truth, people of the world. Young and old. Old and new. Those boring and those who smell good. Dog lovers and murderers of fake plants… I have ideas. I have time.

I have writers block.

It’s a block. Seriously. A BLOCK. It’s a block like my lack of spending money during a clearance sale. It’s a block like an empty box of Oreos. It’s a block like the amount of rings I can wear on one hand, while rifling through my purse for that long lost mint.

When You Have Nothing To Say

I got nothing

The curser blinks at you.


It’s a steady beat. A constant reminder of your lack of creativity. Your tired brain. Your empty train of thought.

You’re me at this very moment. You have writer’s[blogger’s]block.

For a split second, you think you have an idea. A spark!

And then you daydream about lunch, and the spark’s gone.

Bye-bye spark. . .