I Sing “My Wants Been Changed”

I Sing %22My Wants Been Changed%22

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to sing a solo at church! I think the last time I’ve sang was with my family back in April.

I sing in the church choir every Sunday, and while that does jolt my nerves every now and then, it’s nothing like how I felt in the half hour, leading up to my great debut.

I hardly spoke. That says something, if you’ve been around me at all—past eleven in the morning.

Koontz Family Sings!

Koontz Family Sings!

You all caught a glimpse of our singing in my A Sunday In My Life post.

However, that is a mixed ensemble me and my parents are in. What you didn’t know was that there’s another member in our family–besides my older brother who is off to sea– who had yet to make his debut on the stage.

Before I get into that, a little history lesson.

A Sunday In My Life

A Sunday In my Life

I’m a church girl, as you guys know, but a lot of people don’t live the way I live or believe what I believe. So I thought I’d give you a peek into a Sunday of my life.