Reasons To Love Blair Waldorf

Reasons To Love Blair Waldorf Rebekah Koontz lifestyle blogger gossip girl fangirl fan what would blair waldorf do

I recently finished the Gossip Girl series on Netflix, and like any Netflix junkie who cannot cope with the stress of finding a new show to watch, I simply went back to season one and started again.

Not to worry. There will be NO spoilers given.

I, like any faithful brunette who feels for those who are constantly over-shadowed by the bombshell blonde, have a soft spot in my heart for Blair Waldorf, and rightly so. She is an incredible, fictional, girl-who-I-please-want-as-a-best-friend, real to me!, human being. And I love her for many reasons.

How To Be Mature

How to be mature

I’m afraid I have reached the point in my life where writing a post on how to be mature is necessary.

I’ve seen the signs. The creative muses have cried out to me.

No, they’ve said, don’t write one more joke until you’ve spread this message of maturity. The world needs your help, Rebekah.

So here I am.

eShakti — Clothing Customized

eShakti clothing customized

I’m a rather small (tiny) human being.

Shifting into “adulthood,” I’ve been blessed with the special challenge of finding clothes that fit me. Clothes that aren’t sporting the latest Disney Princess, or flowers on the backside, or a bejeweled hemline.

The struggle is real.

Because of this, I flourished in the land of thrift stores, where clothes are cheap enough to destroy tailor to my fit and my liking. But, there are some times I rather just wave a magic wand over a dress and have it fit.

Enter online store!

“Spring” Cleaning

I’ve been spring cleaning for… a while. I feel like saying “a month” is exaggerating, but at the same time, that horrifically sounds accurate.

I’ve been spring cleaning for a while.

Actually, I must have been cleaning for so long that spring totally passed me by. It’s true. When did spring end? I don’t know. All the sudden it’s summer. I feel cheated. But I love summer.

So I’ve been summer cleaning.

CHEA – Christian Home Educators Association (2014)

I find myself, yet again, in a hotel room.

I’m having strong bouts of deja vu. . A certain 31 day trip across the USA.

However, instead of bunking in for the night just to pack the van and move a state over, we’re staying through the weekend. Where? Why in beautiful Anaheim, California, of course.

2014-05-29 15.04.27It’s really quite obvious why.

I Am Thankful

Last week was Thanksgiving, and it’s taken me a week to say so. But here’s what I’m thankful for.


Two weeks ago, on Wednesday (the day after I babysat, I think), I went to my weekly Bible Study Fellowship. One of my mom’s friends was the one who was trying to get me hired at the bakery way back when, but that didn’t happen. Anyway, she sat in front of us and once it was over, turned around and said hi and asked how the job hunt was going.

I had gone to Ross and ULTA Beauty the week before (and, on a side note, totally freaked everyone out since I was dressed so professional and asking to speak to managers. They must’ve thought they were being audited or something. The Ross manager even came out followed by a security guard. I felt like a national threat.), but told her they looked like no-goes, since all seasonal hiring is done now.

She reminded me of a coffee shop, really close to the bakery, that always seems to be hiring. She said her kids got their first jobs there, and suggested I’d check it out. Well, it just so happened that I was dressed appropriately (BSF is in the morning, I usually don’t put much effort. Bad, I know.). Juuuust so happened to have a resume. And we pass it on the way home anyway. It’s amazing I had the guts to go in, too.

Interview Outfits

As you know from my website and blog “The Rebekah Koontz Site” (catchy title, huh?) I’m doing that horrible thing called looking for a job. (On a side-note, I’ll be writing about my adventures from yesterday’s resume dropping after I write this post, hopefully within the day or so, so be looking for that. =-))

When it comes to looking for jobs, I don’t know of anyone who has said “oh Internet application are THE way to get hired”.

No. Ha, keep dreaming little one.

I’m not here to mentor on how to get a job. *glance at empty wallet* I’m not exactly qualified. . I’m just here to talk about what to wear.

That’s what we’re all interested in anyway, isn’t it?
When it comes to interviews or resume dropping or anything where a potential employer is going to see you, my dad’s philosophy (I get all job advice from him) is “dress for the job”. 

Dress in a way that if they were to hire you on the spot. If they just started jumping up and down in joy, singing “halleluja!”, they’re so happy they found you, you wonderful employee you, that if they want you to start work right away, you’re ready. You’re on the job. You already know what you’re going to spend your first paycheck on.

When I interviewed at the bakery, I wore something similar to this.

Sorry I can’t just show you the exact picture. It got deleted somehow. But I wore the pants and the shoes and a white camisole under my green cardigan.

My hair’s always swept out of my face. My makeup’s “pretty”, nothing crazy. And I don’t really have an explanation for the hoop earrings you can barely see. I just like them.

This particular outfit I wore when I went to meet Cody’s manager for the first time. Actually, I’m not too proud of it. It’s pretty horrible. I wanted to wear my usual green cardigan – white camisole combo, but the cardigan was dirty. Sad day.

I love cardigans, though. Love them. If you ever want to buy me something: cardigans. Christmas is coming, just a reminder.

Cardigans add a kind of intellectual – without the glasses, cute – without the frills, and sophistication – yet not overdone, look to any outfit. I just think they’re a lot of fun.

And I’m usually cold. So it works.

So the first is an example of a casual-type job. Like the bakery, hardware store, etc. I’ve even interviewed for a position as a purple kangaroo with this kind of outfit at a kiddie jumper place. I guess they didn’t want me, though, I never got called back. Go figure.

But for an office-type job, there’s more class and sophistication involved.

I think a pencil skirt is a given. Who doesn’t think professional = pencil skirt? Watch the length though, and also how high any slits are. You know why.

The tank top you may remember from my five dollar outfit  earlier this year. I’m wearing a black cami under it and then my green cardigan over. Notice. Cardigan + pencil skirt + neutral black heels = looking good.

I finished the look with a braided black belt, a black folder for my resumes and my map of the offices in town, and I borrowed my mom’s classy little purse. I don’t know about you guys, but I wear my life on my shoulder in a huge leather brown messenger bag I love. But that wouldn’t do for this outing.

It was hard but I downsized to just my wallet, mirror, three or four lip glosses and tints, concealer, planner, notebook, pen, comb, and cell phone. Phew. If I was part of a limit-your-purse-contents support group, they’d be proud of me right now.

So I hope I’ve given someone out there some extra self esteem when it comes to looking for a job and what to wear. In the end I’ll leave the decision in your more than capable hands. And hopefully I get a job soon, too. =-) Here’s praying.