2014: My Year In Review

My year 2014

It’s so awesome to look back at what you’ve gone through and accomplished in life, especially during the new year. It’d be a shame to forget in my opinion, whether things were good or bad.

What you’ve gone through and your memories are what make you, you. I wouldn’t want to lose that, no matter how horrible some experiences may have been in the moment.

I usually review my year on my birthday. I have a special notebook I try to write the highlights in, but so as not to confuse anyone, and since we’re into a new year, I shall review my year today.

This post will be a surprise to both you and me. It’s sad how little I remember about my own life. Thank goodness I write a blog.

My New Years Resolutions


I honestly wasn’t going to do New Years resolutions. No need to gasp. I never do New Years resolutions.

I thought a New Years resolution was a fancy word for “diet.” And yes, I’m somewhat cynical so I completed that with “diet I never intend to keep.”

I do not plan on dieting this year, in case you were wondering.

But here’s a short list of things I do want to accomplish this year. I don’t believe in creating these great big goals, because I’ll either feel overwhelmed or like a complete failure if I don’t complete them.

They’re not in any specific order.

How To: New Year Resolutions


It’s January 1rst, 2015, that perfect time to forget all the bad that may have happened in the past and look on to a future that is your open book, to be written in however way you decide to write.

It’s a great second chance.

Read on for your guide on how to make the best resolutions for this New Year.

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