Book Fairs And The Middle Of No Where

My mom and I love books. Our house has a library (my mom’s). The walls in my room are lined with books – my bed is next to be bordered.

We’re bookie. So when my mom walks in the room with a big smile on her face and a brochure that clearly reads “Book Fair,” and it starts today? We get really happy about it.

We had a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and beacon at the Holiday Inn Express in Woodstock, Virginia (it wasn’t horrible, wasn’t great. The breakfast lady was super good, though). Then packed our bags, set the GPS, and headed down to the fair. Whoop whoop!

Fruit Ninja

We were back at Costco this morning.

Can’t get enough of that place.

I’m sick of it, and I’m sure it’s sick of me. However, their “lawn chair section” got totally disassembled and in it’s place was pallets and pallets of cute little lawn bushes. But man, they work fast. Like elves. I mean, we were in there yesterday, weren’t we?

I bet you’re wondering why we were back. Or maybe you’re already going, “oh no, there was a problem. .”

Yup. That exactly.

In A Daze

Last night, we went to bed at three in the morning. We had dinner at Denny’s, I blogged, then around midnight we were the three lunatics who made our way down to the 24 hour hotel gym.

There was a rowing machine. My mom was in heaven.

Staying up late has never been a problem for me. It’s getting up. . We got up at 8am, which is 5am in Cali. And I know my body knows this, because it’s been hating me all day.