Old Town Trolley Tour

Because of all the walking yesterday (and getting lost), we decided that maybe the best way to tour all of the monuments, memorials, and museums would be by bus. Or, better yet, by trolley.


Snow And Liberty

The time has come to begin our trek back to California. We’ll be going even further South than when we drove here, which makes for new and exciting adventures.

And who’s not up for new and exciting adventures.

Starting with something that goes ding-ding.

The NYC Tour

Last night, my mom signed us up for an NYC Tour. For a whole day, we’d be driven around in a van to New York hot spots like the Statue Of Liberty and Empire State building.

The tour started at nine thirty am.

They picked us up on the dot, which of course meant I wasn’t ready. So I scrambled around, finding one glove, scratched the whole glove idea, grabbed my camera, and ran out of the hotel room.

We were the first ones in the van, which was pretty awesome because we got the front seats (and thus could hear every argument/mumble between our two tour guides) and were immediately issued “The Map” of the area, cell numbers of our tour guides, and a handful of candy.


The US Merchant Marine Academy — A Personal Tour

We finally got to see my brother today. It was about thirty-two degrees outside so I was more than happy we decided to drive, at the sake of losing our secured parking spot, to the academy.

I mean, it was just agony getting from the parking lot elevator to the car.

And it messed up my hair. We had all put on our “decent” clothes to go pick up my brother and meet his friends.

We’re Finally Here

At around midnight last night when we finally turned off the lights and went to bed, the whirring AC clicked off and the room went stone silent.

Then there was a scraping sound. It got louder, and my eyes shot open, listening. I wasn’t sure what it was but it was coming from the window. It wasn’t until I heard the truck whir past that I closed my eyes again and snuggled back under the covers, knowing it was nothing but traffic.

“It’s the loompa loompas,” my mom hissed in the darkness.

Loompa loompas?

I had no idea what she was talking about. But no matter, I almost jumped out of bed and rushed to the window to see the “loompa loompas.”