You May Be Broke If. . .

You may be broke if Rebekah Koontz Rebecca Coonts humor post

There are few things in life that I consider myself a true authority in.

Vanilla shakes, sarcasm, and keeping self-entertained are examples of such things.

But when it comes to being thrifty, saving money, and—yes, being broke—oh, my wisdom reigns supreme.

For example, you may be broke if. . .

At Church With Only A Skirt On

Church skirt #OOTD

I basically showed up at church, wearing nothing but my grandma’s old skirt.

And I got nothing but compliments.

When I wear this outfit, ladies ask me questions. It begins with an over-all praise, then their expression focuses. They step back, stare at my knees, and say, “wait. Is it a skirt or a dress?”


Spring Fashion Lookbook 2015

Spring fashion lookbook secondhand clothes

Fashion and thrift shopping. Those words make me happy. And the word candy. And the word clearance.

Anyways, I realized I haven’t done a fashion lookbook since Valentines Day, so I’m due.

In case you’re wondering, yes it is still spring. I Googled it.

So bring on the pastels, pearls, and lace! From my second-hand closet, to you.

Born Pretty Store Review

Born pretty store review

I don’t write a lot of reviews. When I do, they’re only ever for things I truly believe in or purchase from, such as Thred Up and Ipsy.

I found this store. They didn’t find me.

And I’m obsessed.

Valentine’s Day Fashion Lookbook

Valentine's Day Fashion Lookbook

Valentine’s sparks an array of creativity in girls’ clothing, no matter what kind of day their guy has planned. We want to look cute and feel cute and show we cared to make ourselves extra pretty for that special someone.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on date ideas. From these have birthed three different outfit choices; a casual look with a Valentine flair, a cute and flirty look perfect for a picnic or movie, and a romantic date night look.

I’ve also teamed up with Emily from, who’s created the three different hairstyles featured in the lookbook today.

And yes, every one of these outfits was bought or given to me secondhand.

Mini Thrift Store Haul

Mini Thrift Store Haul

Today is Martin Luther King Junior day. Lucky students, employees, and city workers got the day off.

By pure luck, my entire family got the day off from work, school, and bible studies. And a follow-up question, bright and sparkly, presented itself: So what are we gonna do?

We’re the Koontzes. We hike, and camp, and go to the movies, and eat junk food, and go thrift shopping.

Get Ready With Me – The Beauty And The Beast Show

Beauty and the Beast is probably my favorite Disney movie. I say “probably” because, come on, it’s a Disney movie, can you really choose one?

When I heard that Beauty and the Beast would be performed at my local theater, my ears perked up intensely. When I found out one of my friends would be in it, I was more than interested. When I was told he was playing Beast, I was already checking my calendar and buying a ticket.

Dressing for plays has always made sense to me. I’ve always been the one in the performances which may have led to this concrete thought, but you should dress for plays.

The actors are dressing and performing and giving it their all. Audience members should attend with the same consideration.

Hence, why my Get Ready With Me is to get ready for a play.

Five Dollar Bag!

Last Saturday, I went to – get this – Sacks ThriftAvenue in Hemet, CA. Isn’t that awesome? It made me “aww” aloud. I think it’s really clever.

I posted the pic of my wonderful five dollar bag on Instagram. But it seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?
We were in the area, and my dad had heard of this thrift store, somehow, and wanted to check it out, so we did. I didn’t plan on buying anything – like, at all.

Even when I saw the board, “Five dollar bag of clothes. Limit three pairs of jeans, two purses, two pairs of shoes, belts. $1 for the bag.” (This is from memory, so you know.Don’t rely too much on it.) Still, I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Honest to goodness.

I wandered into the book section, where I was stumped when I saw a sign that said “books 10c.” I didn’t believe it. It had to be a mistake. Maybe just paperbacks ten cents. Frankly, if it wasn’t for the – not one, not two, but – three different signs placed that said “books 10c,” I would’ve had to walk up to the register and ask for confirmation, a few times.
Sadly, here began my shopping splurge.

Wearing A Skirt And Nothing More

I inherited a few long skirts from my Abuelita’s closet. And they’re cute and trendy on their own, don’t get me wrong. But I felt like. . doing things the hard way, I guess. And I also didn’t feel like wearing ANOTHER long skirt to church. You already know my views on that. .

So here’s how to take a long skirt and make it a dress instead. 

Start with a skirt. 😉

You want to pull it up to your armpits, where it’s going to stay. (Re-check the length at this point, to make sure your skirt really is long enough to be a dress.)

Sometimes, the skirt will stay up on it’s own if it has elastic, but I like to be extra careful (trust me). So pinch the access fabric at one side.

Then use a big safety pin to secure it.

Congratulations, you are now wearing a tent.

For shape, pick out a wide belt to discover your waistline yet again. Then a cute little wrap/half-blouse/cardigan to cover your shoulders.

People will be surprised when you tell them it’s a skirt.