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Hello people of the world.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a rambly post. Straight from the hip. No points. No previous thoughts.

No preparation whatsoever.

I’m such a dedicated little blog post writer.

Right and Wrong?

Right and wrong? Is there a difference? Rebekah Koontz site

Recently, gay marriage was legalized in the United States. This is not a post on whether I am for or against homosexuality. This isn’t a post on my opinion at all.

This post—really—is just a question, a concern even, and I’d like to know your thoughts on this.

Not too many years ago, homosexuality was considered wrong, morally and biologically. It was an unfortunate condition some suffered with. Now, it is considered normal, natural, and right.

My concern is: How many other things that are “wrong” today will be considered “right” a few years from now?

What I Imagine The Blogging World To be

What I Imagine The Blogging World To Be Rebekah Koontz Site

The Blogosphere is a beautiful place. Neighbors are friendly and encouraging (as long as you keep to appropriate hashtags). Backgrounds are white. And there are always fresh flowers. Everywhere. Long stemmed and vibrant in porcelain vases on the breakfast nook.

The Blogosphere smells good, like Bath and Body Works mixed with the smells of home. In the Summer, it smells of watermelon lemonade. In the Fall, it smells of pumpkin spice and leaves. But nothing beats the smell of the Blogosphere in Christmas time. Mmm…

This place is a community. We each pull our weight, and we pull together. We sit in a circle on folding chairs and pass The Talking Stick around. We listen and respond and are never harsh.

We’re all in this together.


Contrary to popular belief, English is my first language. My accent throws off a lot of people.

That was a joke.

But no matter that I’ve had twenty years of experience with the English language, there still come phrases that force me to pause from my fake-laughing and say, “…what?”

There’s a phrase I’ve grown up hearing. My old foe. It’s the phrase: “You’re something else.

I don't know what that means shaking head

I Envy Smokers?

I Envy Smokers?

I don’t smoke, but I envy smokers.

Smokers have different rights compared to us nonsmokers. Smokers get breaks dedicated to their smoking. I want a break dedicated to my bad habits.

I want to stand outside and enjoy the fresh air, and watch the birds, and sit in the sunshine, but I feel that, unless I smoke, this time spent daydreaming outdoors is something I should do “on my own time”. Yet smokers get away with it.

Skinny Girls Have It Hard

Skinny Girls

I have a feeling you were brought here by the title of this post. In fact, the title of this post may have even warranted a scoff, or rolling of the eyes, or a little of both with some added lip fluppering.

Skinny girls have it hard? What a load of baloney. Skinny girls get the guys and high paying careers and clothes.

That’s what you might be thinking.

But not me. I’m here to tell it to you from a different angle.



Tipping my hat to the recent time change that still has us all confused beyond belief, I want to talk about time.

Time hasn’t been my friend lately, and I’m not speaking to it right now.

I wonder. Do we ever really have enough time? That’s like saying “enough sleep,” or “enough dessert,” or “enough underwear.”

I get annoyed because it seems that I can never catch up. As you know, someone keeps trashing my room, so if I ever get everything else done, there’s still my bedroom to tidy up and vacuum.

It has occurred to me that I can create more hours in a day by waking up early, but for the sake of argument, let us snort obnoxiously at this thought and ignore that absurd possibility.

Mother’s Day

Oh Mother’s Day. . The day of obligatory flowers and boxes of chocolates.

Mother’s Day is that awkward holiday when you don’t know how to greet each other.

You, cheery: “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Man: “I’m not a mom. . ”


You, trying again: “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Woman: “I don’t have any children.” She proceeds to burst into tears in front of you.