Things That Annoy Me (Part 2)

Things that annoy me part two

I’m making a part two of things that annoy me. . .

I sound like a pure joy to be around.

I’m only┬átrying to be more relatable, that’s all! Some people think I’m too perfect to be true.

I mean. They don’t say it aloud. But they think it.

Guys, I’m telling you. I put on my pants just like you, feet first.

Now on to the things that annoy me.

15 Things That Annoy Me


I love noting the differences in people. People who love bananas, people who hate bananas with a passion. I can’t stand the smell of tuna and canned chicken, and my mom’s the same way about peanut butter.

People are different.

So I enjoy reading about specifics concerning people’s likes and dislikes and how they think, which brought me to this post idea.

Here are 15 things that annoy me (not in any particular order).