5 Things To Be Thankful For

5 Things To Be Thankful For:Say At The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is exactly one week away. I suggest we all begin dieting now so we won’t feel guilty after eating the entire pumpkin pie and blaming it on the dog.

Don’t lie. You would stoop to such measures if it was a really good pumpkin pie.

All families are different. Traditionally, siblings and uncles and cousins and parents take turns around the dinner table, smiling warmly and sharing what they’re most thankful for. So, if you’re stressing (or can’t think of anything creative enough) to say on your turn, I’ve got you covered.

Memorial Day — Not A Normal Post

Memorial Day-- Not a normal post

I’m not going to write a normal post today.

I can’t.

It’s Memorial Day. A day that should be spent with your families, not reading blog posts online.

Memorial Day, for Americans, is a special day, dedicated to those who have given their lives, serving this country. It’s a day to be revered and respected.

Have a moment of silence for those who have passed. Take the time to walk up to veterans and soldiers and thank them for their services.

I learned a lot about the military, being a Sea Cadet. And this is important.

We’re lucky to have the freedom we have. We should be grateful and respectful.

Thank you to those who give of their lives, serving and protecting this country. Thank you for the sacrifices you make every day.

If you’ve lost a loved one, I want to thank you, too. Honestly. I have the highest regard for you. You were a part of someone’s life who was special, committed, and a fighter.

Thank you, all.

And please, for the rest of us, even though this will be a day spent with families and barbecue (which is all great!), please don’t forget the real reason of Memorial Day.

Remember, respect, and be thankful.

Here I Be

So I’ve fallen off the face of the world in my blog universe (I’m not sure that metaphor truly makes sense, but we’ll move on).

And boy. Do I have some really good excuses for you. But we’ll skip that.

Taking that week off was full of torture and guilt and felt like an eternity of not blogging. However, during my time of solitary and laptop fasting (which is a great way to get closer to the Lord, I might add), I had the opportunity to meditate on things.

I’m sure you don’t care to read for hours on my thoughts about my poor eating schedule that relies solely on goldfish crackers and applesauce, my nonexistent workout routine, or the fact that it’s finally dawned on me that I can’t possibly do ALL my favorite hobbies in the same day, so I’ll skip ahead to the thoughts on this blog.

I Am Thankful

Last week was Thanksgiving, and it’s taken me a week to say so. But here’s what I’m thankful for.


Two weeks ago, on Wednesday (the day after I babysat, I think), I went to my weekly Bible Study Fellowship. One of my mom’s friends was the one who was trying to get me hired at the bakery way back when, but that didn’t happen. Anyway, she sat in front of us and once it was over, turned around and said hi and asked how the job hunt was going.

I had gone to Ross and ULTA Beauty the week before (and, on a side note, totally freaked everyone out since I was dressed so professional and asking to speak to managers. They must’ve thought they were being audited or something. The Ross manager even came out followed by a security guard. I felt like a national threat.), but told her they looked like no-goes, since all seasonal hiring is done now.

She reminded me of a coffee shop, really close to the bakery, that always seems to be hiring. She said her kids got their first jobs there, and suggested I’d check it out. Well, it just so happened that I was dressed appropriately (BSF is in the morning, I usually don’t put much effort. Bad, I know.). Juuuust so happened to have a resume. And we pass it on the way home anyway. It’s amazing I had the guts to go in, too.