My Personality Failed

I feel weird writing this post. But it really doesn’t make sense. I mean, I’ve already written about how I almost killed an instructor – which consequently led to failing my drivers test – and randomly vented yesterday about not liking to talk on the phone, which really had no point in the world of reality.

So it doesn’t make sense that I don’t want to write about this. I’ll just be out with it. You’re here to read about my journeys in life anyway. (I’m not sure you knew that, so surprise! now you do.)

I failed a personality test.

As in: My. Personality. Failed.

This is news to me. . . I mean. I have a failed personality. *eyes widen*

Failing My Drivers Test

So many things are happening nowadays. Job interviews and searchings (I just had an interesting job interview, but I’ll leave a cliff hanger and tell you about that later). But the biggest and newest and most horrible thing is driving.

Yes. I’m a late-bloomer. Yes, I’m eighteen and don’t have a license. . . I have my permit though.

Yesterday (was it yesterday? Seems so far away, praise God), was my driving test. . I was scheduled for 10am. Got there early. Went through the line. Was given instructions. My Mom drove the car into the little driveway. And we waited. We were there for thirty minutes before this cranky, worn looking lady wearing a floral shirt tapped on my wind shield, where my permit and appointment time was, seeing I had been there for so long, and went inside. Soon, she was back out, telling me my instructor was MIA or something and she’d take over instead.