That Time I Was A Hero

I barely saw it coming. By the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse—and an alarm sounded in my brain.


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How To Attract Guys

How to attract guys humor post valentine's day

I wanted a Subway sandwich.

I was out shopping with my mom. The adrenaline that comes from wildly spending money, mixed with perseverance to find a bag that looked like a Givenchy Antigona without the cost, left me famished.

We found ourselves in the mall.

“Do you want Subway?” I asked, stepping into the line.

I’ll be honest. My mother had no choice. My stomach lead my heart, and my heart led my feet, and my feet led me to Subway. It was basically the plot line of every romance novel ever written.

My Valentine’s Day 2017


My two greatest fears on this earth are deep waters and heights.

Generally, people will listen to these declarations and sympathize. She’s had a bad pool experience as a child, they think. Or, she’s 5’2 and used to being close to the ground.

Never have I met someone who took these facts as a challenge. It should’ve set me on high alert when he turned to me and said, “exactly how scared of heights are you?”

My “Come To Jesus Moment”

My come to jesus moment 1

I flew to North Carolina a few weeks ago and had an eventful flight back.

Today, instead of writing about my adventures, I tell you in a YouTube video— Rebekah style.

I hope you enjoy.

Order In The Food Court

Order in the food court by Paul Radin

Judge Paul, now presiding!

I’m only kidding; not really.

What is your favourite part of a shopping mall?

On the count of three, we’ll all reveal our answers as loud as we can. One…two…three…


Wonderful. How many of you also said “food court”?

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mission pacakge retrieval

The mailman did something DESPICABLE…

He left my package on the front porch.

I’m Going To Kill Her

I'm going to kill her

I like to think of myself as a patient, mild-temper human being. A graceful woman. Loving. Kind to all of God’s creatures. A heavy sleeper.

But. That. Dog.

She waits until my head nods and my eyelids droop. I’m on a cloud. I’m at peace. Then, just before I fall sweetly into dreamland, I’m shot awake by a sudden burst of activity erupting from the crate across the room.

*Scratch. Scratch-scratch. Scratch-scratch-scratch!*

This is when I—a grown, intelligent human being—begin a battle-of-the-will against an animal the size of a pound cake.

My Dad’s Father’s Day Present – Pictures Revealed

The problem with having a blog your family reads is that you can’t write funny stories when it’s supposed to be a secret.

Actually, I was laughing and taking pictures of the whole scene (between assisting them, of course). Afterwards, I went inside for some water, and my mom came busting in, hurriedly telling me, “don’t post those pictures yet, he’ll see!” She obviously had the same thought.

Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag, here’s the story behind my dad’s Father’s Day present, which turned out to be as humorous as he is.

I’m on Facebook! (The Story Behind the Page)

I’ve been boycotting Facebook since the time of MySpace. As older people would say, “oh I just gave away my age..”

I think I’ll share a post I wrote back on my first blog about being Face-less. I thought it was a clever title until I heard a song on AirOne that had the same name.

Back to Facebook. You wouldn’t think that by me simply making a Facebook page, I could come away with a story long enough for a blog post.

Oh. Ohhh. Contrair.

Keep in mind that I’m obviously not tech savvy. And no it didn’t take me five minutes to make the darn page! Here’s the story.


I’m going to categorize this post under life and writing, because the same is true for both.

A couple Mondays ago, I sent this spazzy sounding tweet into the world. It went a little something like this. .

Anyway, I was stoked!

A few days before, my dad told me he got a text from one of his friends from church saying they needed a babysitter Monday and Tuesday, and can Rebekah do it? . . I’ve never babysat a day in my life. Never changed a diaper (obviously). Never even held a baby.

They said I was hired.