5 Tips For Newbie Bloggers

5 Tips for newbie bloggers

When I look back at my years as a blogger, I’m filled with a sad cliché.

If I knew then what I know now. . .

It’s horrible. I hate participating in clichés. I try very hard to be a unique, interesting individual.

If you are just starting as a blogger, I want to share some invaluable tips and explanations that would’ve helped me when I was a baby blogger. Let’s dive right in, starting with twitter.

Face-less – Why I Boycotted Facebook

I opened the shop yesterday at 6am, didn’t get off until 12pm, and totally spaced on blogging so I apologize. I do try to write Monday-Friday or else you’ll see a Tweet.
That being said. Last post, I talked about my article “Face-less.” I boycotted Facebook for years, and I knew I was taking a stand against something considered normal, so I – of course – had to write about it.
Without further ado, here’s my article/post “Face-less,” straight from my old blog, no changes. It was also published in a California Writer’s Club anthology.


So. I’m on twitter.

No real feelings either way about this. Maybe it’s kind of cool.

Okay. I guess it won’t be that cool unless you add me. So please do. *sweet smile* And I’ll be sure to update it so you’ll know about recent posts or if something interesting happens to happen to me, like a bird runs into my window or something. (Joking about the bird. . . I think.)

Haha so pretty please follow me. And if you have any tips about how to work Twitter, they’d be greatly appreciated. =-)