How To Take Care Of Your Cold

How To Take Care Of Your Cold

It might be that time of year, or I just live in an epidemic, but it seems that everyone is sick.

I think we’d all like someone to take care of us. Then all we’d do is lie in bed, watching Cinderella while someone waits on us hand and foot.

Oh, that sounds like heaven.

Sadly, the reality of it is that Moms and Dads work, Boyfriends are away at college, and your best friend has lovingly told you that she cares deeply, but doesn’t want to catch what you have, so you’re on your own.

Here are simple ways to take care of yourself.

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I woke up and didn’t notice anything wrong with me, until we were just about done reloading the van. Then I remember pausing to hold my stomach and realizing: I wasn’t feeling so good.

But all I do is sit in a van all day, it isn’t exactly strenuous. I figured I would be fine.

And we were going to a used book store! This place was supposed to be huge.