Koontz’es Go To A Fight!

Koontz'es go to a fight

I told a friend I was going to a fight on Saturday afternoon. To which, he promptly replied. “I’ll hold your hoop earrings for you!”

I have friends I can count on.

But no, really.

My family and I went to our first MMA fight. It was perfect timing too, during Father’s Day weekend.

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Brother eating heart cookie

April 23rd was my big brother’s 22nd birthday.

So let’s talk about him!

What stories shall I tell? Bwahaha.

My big brother is a Merchant Marine. He’s the reason we drove across country and back, you may remember it. If you don’t, I wrote every day of that trip for a month, and it was exhausting, and crazy, and a life experience that I shared the whole way.

All I gotta say is we must really like him to go through all that we went through.