Today we had planned to hit the road again, but my mom wasn’t feeling well. It worked for the better, though, because all three of us needed the day to recharge our batteries.

We slept in. It was glorious. Then we leisurely got dressed and caught a shuttle out to the Fashion Centre for a breakfast/lunch of Popeye’s, which ended up being three dollars more than what we pay back home but was really good.

We shopped around a little, then walked across the street to Costco. We had been in there a few days ago looking at phones, and I have to say, I got a little obsessed.

Phone Calling

Here’s a confession of mine: I am not a phone-caller.

My mind goes blank. I feel like my mouth is stuffed with marbles. I can’t create concrete sentences. I have no idea if I’m making my point – nor if I sound intelligent.

I just hate making phone calls.

Unless you’re a friend I’m really comfortable around, or needs me, or some other small variable, I just rather you text. Plain and simple. I’m a great e-mailer too.

Something funny, I can call in a business sense. I’ve done phone banking for campaigns and such. We have scripts and a never-ending list of numbers. I’m sure if I worked somewhere, I’d be fine. It’s all the same, helping a customer, over the phone or in person. But that’s different than me making the call. In that instance, it’s not me, it’s an employee. You understand the difference?