Snow And Liberty

The time has come to begin our trek back to California. We’ll be going even further South than when we drove here, which makes for new and exciting adventures.

And who’s not up for new and exciting adventures.

Starting with something that goes ding-ding.

I Smell Chocolate — Everywhere

We spent last night at a Best Western in Columbus, Ohio. I’m mentioning it because it was very nice. They had a fitness center, heated pool, spa, and sauna. I was really excited about the sauna because I’d never sweated it out in one, but it was out of order. That was the only disappointment.

The pool really was heated. I’d been in a lot of “heated” pools. But never a HEATED pool. Very nice. And it was clean, in comparison to another hotel with a pool we went to that had what looked like clumps of dirt at the deep end and a green spa.