Pick A Side

Pick a side

Lately, I’ve realized it’s become a problem—not that I have an opinion, no—but that I choose a side at all.

It isn’t popular to chose sides nowadays, did you know that?



Tipping my hat to the recent time change that still has us all confused beyond belief, I want to talk about time.

Time hasn’t been my friend lately, and I’m not speaking to it right now.

I wonder. Do we ever really have enough time? That’s like saying “enough sleep,” or “enough dessert,” or “enough underwear.”

I get annoyed because it seems that I can never catch up. As you know, someone keeps trashing my room, so if I ever get everything else done, there’s still my bedroom to tidy up and vacuum.

It has occurred to me that I can create more hours in a day by waking up early, but for the sake of argument, let us snort obnoxiously at this thought and ignore that absurd possibility.

Life’s [Boxes]

I wonder what comes to people’s minds when they hear the word “boxes.” Take out box? Moving box? Jack in the box? A refrigerator?

A lot of different things come to my mind, but there’s one in particular that’s been bugging me lately.

It doesn’t really have a name. I suppose we should give it one (although it’s such an annoying box, I want to be mean and not name it).

It’s the box of [Hey Little Kid What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?] and [What’s Your Favorite Subject In School Because That Will Determine Your Future].

The box of [Expectations]? Let’s call it the box of [Future].

Fall Makes Me Think Of

Fall is my favorite. Actually, I’m already taking it back, winter has Christmas in it.. Fall and winter are my favorites. Fall colors are my favorite.

Now that we have that cleared up. .

Because fall is one of my favorites, I have collected a great store of memories that pop up during this season, memories that are weird.


Normal people talk about orange leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes, and sweater weather.

I’m a little different. These are things I think of when fall comes around, and what better day to tell you than October first! October is %100 fall.

You May Be A Writer If. . .

There are a lot of wannabe writers out there. But how do you know when the wannabe ends, and the real writer emerges from within you?

I wrote you a simple list. You’re welcome.


So here you go, a list of ten. You may be a writer if. . .