The Military Ball 2014, Part #1 — Get Ready With Me


Some of you may remember the Military Ball from last year. If you do, you’re my favorite.

In case you aren’t filled in, every year there is a Military Ball. My older brother is a merchant marine. Thus, he is invited to these military balls, providing us with the opportunity to spend a lot of money and join him. So we do.

Last year, it was just my brother and I. This year, we both had dates.

Ah yes, moving up in the world.



Merry Christmas everyone!

Today, we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at home. We had quite a few people over. I had made a pumpkin pie. It was fun.

Then, as has become tradition simply from my family’s over-all lack of patience, we opened gifts at midnight.

Here are pictures from my Christmas. I hope you enjoy them!

BLOGMAS Day #20 — Caroling & Nighttime Pictures

My day started at five forty this morning. My stomach cringes at the thought.

Opening the shop went well, though. Everyone was very nice to me, and the time didn’t drag on.

A seventy year old man also asked me if I was married and if I had an older sister. I don’t know how those two questions correspond with each other, but I answered no to both.

I then drank a lot of coffee and came home and took a nap, because I knew tonight was going to be a long one.


Because we went caroling! (Doesn’t above look like a rock star pic?)

BLOGMAS Day #12 — A Huge Reveal About My TV Life

Hello, Friends!

So today was a day off from work day, which is always pleasant as days off go. I hadn’t planned on doing much of anything except blog and internet work. (I have such the pressing social life.)

However, yesterday I got my paycheck. So this morning I was practically forced into actual clothes by my mother in order that I’d go out to the bank and deposit it.

Since I got somewhat dressed anyways, I decided to give you an OOTD (outfit of the day).


I never said I got out of bed to take the picture. .

BLOGMAS #4 — I Did Something Festive!!

Congratulate me.

Today, on blogmas #4, I went to a Christmas party.

*sparse applause, but she still smiles and bows with decorum* Thank you, thank you.

2014-12-05 02.16.10