Visiting Old Friends

Today was a fun day. Because I got to see my old friend Chris!!


Colleges, Broken GPS, And Cops — Again.


After eating breakfast and loading the van of all our over-night necessities (I won’t judge, most of it is mine), we headed on over to my dad’s old school, Oral Roberts University, where I found out for the first time in nineteen years that the eagle sticker we’ve been using to seal the crack in my (family inherited) leather ottoman is, in fact, the ORU mascot.

For some reason I thought he was the eagle who taught us how to “STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN” in kindergarten.

Anyway, my dad sent us on a mission to bring him back souvenirs from their bookstore, and we were not to return without accomplishing this task.

Wow.. Welcome to Tulsa!

Oklahoma has been. . . interesting.


But more on that later.