New York Day 5 | 6.19.17

New York day 5 serendipity frozen hot chocolate travel family life lifestyle

Our last day exploring New York was a success, complete with humidity, candy, famous movie sights, and a chocolate shake as big as my head.

Goodbye New York. I will miss you.

New York Day 4 | 6.18.17

New York day 4 humor lifestyle rebekah Koontz

For those of you who have been waiting for shots of New York City, wait no more.

For they are here.

Watch as the Koontzes venture into the concrete jungle and live to tell the tale.

New York Day #3 | 6.17.17

New York 3 USMMA Rebekah Koontz

When it rains, it pours.

Congratulations to the class of 2017.

New York Day 2 | 6.16.17

New York Day 2 travel funny humor blog rebekah koontz

Our adventures in New York continue!

New York Day 1 | 6.15.17

New York Day 1 life lifestyle rebekah koontz travel

New York is beautiful—at three A.M.—standing on the sidewalk at the corner of the airport—abandoned by parents—vlogging aimlessly.

Thus begins our adventures in New York.

5 Days In New York

5 days in new york life lifestyle travel Rebekah Koontz rebecca Count

I regret to inform you that I am away from my desk this upcoming week.

I am traveling. Exploring. Scavenging. Blazing a trail through the streets of Manhattan. I am that tiny girl with braces and a camera that looks thirteen but speaks old language phrases like “shall” and “thusly”. Except, there’s the incessant horns, sirens, and winds, which means I’m shouting every word—but really, that’s not new.

I am in New York.

Saying Goodbye

Today was our last day spent with my older brother.

It being a Sunday, it was only fitting that we spend his last day resting in the hotel room. He had just finished his finals, so he wanted a day to relax before going back to school.

We watched cooking channel. Messed around on computers. And basically lied around in our PJs, munching on Carlos Bakery shortbread cookies all day.

Carlo’s Bakery

We started our day today by having lunch at a White Castle nearby our hotel. We had never been, and my family had seen the Undercover Boss episode for the company.

It wasn’t as good as you’d expect, I’m afraid.

After that, we walked down to the train station and bought four tickets for Penn Station, on our way to Hoboken! We’ve seen every episode of Cake Boss on Netflix, so of course, we had to go to Carlo’s Bakery while we were here.

The NYC Tour

Last night, my mom signed us up for an NYC Tour. For a whole day, we’d be driven around in a van to New York hot spots like the Statue Of Liberty and Empire State building.

The tour started at nine thirty am.

They picked us up on the dot, which of course meant I wasn’t ready. So I scrambled around, finding one glove, scratched the whole glove idea, grabbed my camera, and ran out of the hotel room.

We were the first ones in the van, which was pretty awesome because we got the front seats (and thus could hear every argument/mumble between our two tour guides) and were immediately issued “The Map” of the area, cell numbers of our tour guides, and a handful of candy.


The US Merchant Marine Academy — A Personal Tour

We finally got to see my brother today. It was about thirty-two degrees outside so I was more than happy we decided to drive, at the sake of losing our secured parking spot, to the academy.

I mean, it was just agony getting from the parking lot elevator to the car.

And it messed up my hair. We had all put on our “decent” clothes to go pick up my brother and meet his friends.