Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017


2016 was hard. Things went bad, people turned mean, hardships popped out of the ground, extended their arms with jazz hands, and spat “hello!” into my face.

I took to calling my year of 21 my Year Of Humility. My coming of age story, a journey through life and a dive-bomb straight into adulthood.

I’ve grown a lot.

2014 Favorites — Beauty, Tea, Books, People, and MORE!

2014 Favorites

I think certain products mark milestones in a girl’s life. For example, at eighteen I tried foundation for the first time and found out what eye primer was. I was both mind blown and utterly confused.

For this very reason, (and also, if I ever wonder how long I’ve been devoted to something, I now have recorded proof) here are my 2014 favorites. Beauty, hair, and skin care, but I couldn’t possibly stop there.

2014: My Year In Review

My year 2014

It’s so awesome to look back at what you’ve gone through and accomplished in life, especially during the new year. It’d be a shame to forget in my opinion, whether things were good or bad.

What you’ve gone through and your memories are what make you, you. I wouldn’t want to lose that, no matter how horrible some experiences may have been in the moment.

I usually review my year on my birthday. I have a special notebook I try to write the highlights in, but so as not to confuse anyone, and since we’re into a new year, I shall review my year today.

This post will be a surprise to both you and me. It’s sad how little I remember about my own life. Thank goodness I write a blog.