Healthy Habits You Can Start Right Now

First off, congratulations on surviving 2020. (No pun intended)

With the new year upon us (WHOO HOO. 2021!), it’s time to pause and reflect. Look over the past year. Decide if we’re pleased with our productivity, weight, mental health, hygiene, and so on.

While you ponder these things, let me give you 5 healthy habits you can start right now. Like, right now. No gym membership required. I know. Crazy. Let’s get started.

2016 To-Do List


New years resolution 2016 todo list

At midnight, the ball went down. At least, I haven’t heard otherwise. We had a few technical difficulties actually finding the channel that featured the ball going down.

Instead, we chose to follow the satellite time on my uncle’s phone. This is how it went:

“Well, um… my phone says it’s midnight,” I shrugged.

“So does mine,” piped another, “kay! Happy Ne–!”

“Na-na-na,” my uncle squinted intensely at his phone screen, “not yet.”

We waited. We coughed. For fun, we began, “Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! TWO! ONE!!”

“…not yet,” said my uncle. Finally, he smiled and leaned back in his seat, “there.”

So we yelled ‘happy new year!’ and everyone hugged.

Soon came the question of new year resolutions.

How To: New Year Resolutions


It’s January 1rst, 2015, that perfect time to forget all the bad that may have happened in the past and look on to a future that is your open book, to be written in however way you decide to write.

It’s a great second chance.

Read on for your guide on how to make the best resolutions for this New Year.

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