How Not To Be Awkward


This topic was requested from an Omghow girl, and I absolutely love it. If any string of words can make me smile, I’m on board.

How not to be awkward. Oh my dear, dear friend. You are close to my heart.

I will share my wisdom.

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Home Alone

Every year, my dad’s work sends him out on a three day conference. Every year, my family will then tag along so we can stay at the hotel all day and watch TV and go to the pool and use the Wifi to our heart’s content.

This year, I stayed home.

On Sunday, I went to church by myself and went to choir practice and evening service alone. My worship leader saw me sitting in a front pew, “so you’re home alone, huh Rebekah? Do you have a really big bat?”

“Nah,” I said nonchalantly, “but I have two little dogs.”

I could tell my comment didn’t settle in by the fact that he smiled and seemed to generally relax at the news. He began to walk away, then he stopped. “Little?!”

I smiled. “Watch out!”

But yeah. I’m alone.