Heart Tip Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentines Nails 420

Valentine’s Day strikes inspiration for the cutest nail art. Though, as much as I would love to hand write love you forever, to the moon and back, with all my heart, and then some. No really. Honest! on each of my individual nail beds, I can’t.

Instead, here’s a nail art tutorial that doesn’t require any special tools but the nail polish in your drawer.

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How To: Christmas Light Nails


I personally have a love-hate relationship with nail art.

I want the cutest designs, but I don’t want to lose hours of my life over something that will chip away with the dish soap.

Here’s an easy nail art tutorial that you’ll be finished with before Buddy screams “SANTAAAAA!!!!”

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Sharpie Nails

 I didn’t realize how versatile Sharpies really were. I mean, in middle school, my friends and I would Sharpie our toe nails to be rebellious, since our mothers wouldn’t let us wear black. Remember when Sharpies were ONLY black? Things were tough in our day.
Anyway, here’s the cheater version on how to do cool nail art! It’s a great way to work out your left hand, too. I actually did these on myself this time.