Mommy, Me, & Maybelline

Mommy, me, and  maybelline 2

It’s Mother’s Day here in the U.S. The day of pastels, and lilies, and lots and lots of massive, heart-shaped cards entitled I love you THIS much! 

It was a lovely coincidence that I was sent a foundation too dark for my skin tone.

In true Mommy-Spirit, my mom graciously sat and smiled as I fluttered around her, dabbing, and spraying, and wiping. It got dicey when we came to mascara. But the foundation was definitely the star of the show.

The Makeover

You know that nagging feeling you get when you want to cut your hair? I may just be speaking to girls. But it’s a constant, I want to cut my hair. Oh I like how short that girl’s hair is. My hair is strangling me. It’s too hot. I want to cut my hair.

That’s how I felt when I looked at my blog design. I wasn’t happy with it. I struggle working with WordPress over blog design, but today, while playing with layouts and not truly serious about making any real changes, I found one I really like.

I know it’s a sudden change. Hopefully everyone’s okay with change. I personally think it’s a much more professional and appealing design than the previous. I like how it utilizes the entire screen space as opposed to the middle center like before. It’ll take some getting used to.

I hope everyone likes it!

I also updated my About Me page, if you’d like to check that out.

Exciting stuff!