eShakti — Clothing Customized

eShakti clothing customized

I’m a rather small (tiny) human being.

Shifting into “adulthood,” I’ve been blessed with the special challenge of finding clothes that fit me. Clothes that aren’t sporting the latest Disney Princess, or flowers on the backside, or a bejeweled hemline.

The struggle is real.

Because of this, I flourished in the land of thrift stores, where clothes are cheap enough to destroy tailor to my fit and my liking. But, there are some times I rather just wave a magic wand over a dress and have it fit.

Enter online store!

Spring Fashion Lookbook 2015

Spring fashion lookbook secondhand clothes

Fashion and thrift shopping. Those words make me happy. And the word candy. And the word clearance.

Anyways, I realized I haven’t done a fashion lookbook since Valentines Day, so I’m due.

In case you’re wondering, yes it is still spring. I Googled it.

So bring on the pastels, pearls, and lace! From my second-hand closet, to you.

Valentine’s Day Fashion Lookbook

Valentine's Day Fashion Lookbook

Valentine’s sparks an array of creativity in girls’ clothing, no matter what kind of day their guy has planned. We want to look cute and feel cute and show we cared to make ourselves extra pretty for that special someone.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on date ideas. From these have birthed three different outfit choices; a casual look with a Valentine flair, a cute and flirty look perfect for a picnic or movie, and a romantic date night look.

I’ve also teamed up with Emily from, who’s created the three different hairstyles featured in the lookbook today.

And yes, every one of these outfits was bought or given to me secondhand.

Men’s Watch Lookbook For The Military Ball

PicMonkey Collage numbered watchesPicMonkey Collage 2 numbered correctly

Last year, I went to a military ball the day after Christmas. Well I’m pleased to announce that I’m going again this year!

I have put together a little collage of what I strive for my outfit to be. This little lookbook can also apply for a nice Christmas party, especially with the red coat, if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration.

Wearing A Skirt And Nothing More

I inherited a few long skirts from my Abuelita’s closet. And they’re cute and trendy on their own, don’t get me wrong. But I felt like. . doing things the hard way, I guess. And I also didn’t feel like wearing ANOTHER long skirt to church. You already know my views on that. .

So here’s how to take a long skirt and make it a dress instead. 

Start with a skirt. 😉

You want to pull it up to your armpits, where it’s going to stay. (Re-check the length at this point, to make sure your skirt really is long enough to be a dress.)

Sometimes, the skirt will stay up on it’s own if it has elastic, but I like to be extra careful (trust me). So pinch the access fabric at one side.

Then use a big safety pin to secure it.

Congratulations, you are now wearing a tent.

For shape, pick out a wide belt to discover your waistline yet again. Then a cute little wrap/half-blouse/cardigan to cover your shoulders.

People will be surprised when you tell them it’s a skirt.