ME: “I’m Sorry. Who is this?”

I'm sorry who is this? number unknown humor post

There’s something people do to me—maybe three times out of the year—that really gets under my skin.

It usually happens on a happy, carefree day (because, why ruin a day that’s already messed up?). I’ll be skipping along and bling! BUZZ-BUZZ, my phone goes off.

Who could that be? I wonder.

Is it good news? Bad news? An emoji-fight challenge?

Then it happens. I open up the phone, and I don’t recognize the number.

Starting My Workout Routine

Starting my workout routine, fitness, health, humor, life

I’m afraid I will have to begin this blog with a prayer of forgiveness.

Dear God, please forgive me for not being a better christian. For not loving you enough to want to see you sooner. I SHOULD eat chocolate cake and fried chicken so that I can begin my eternity with you in heaven WAY before I turn fifty. I apologize, God. 

In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

First, I hope you know that entire prayer was a joke. Second, yes, it has happened. I’m actually going to exercise.

The San Diego Zoo

Rebekah Koontz at San Diego zoo A Lifestyle Post

There are few moments in life that measure the true level of our maturity. For some, it’s the moment the ice cream truck chimes it’s way down the street, or the sibling showdown for the last Oreo. For others, it’s the overwhelming temptation a rolled up towel becomes when they see a familiar derrière pass by.

For the members of my College And Career Sunday School Class, our moment was when we were brainstorming for activities and someone yelled out, “zoo!”

It was a guy. And he was 100% joking, thinking he was oh-so silly, which made him 100% surprised when the rest of us cheered. “YES!”