Technical Issues And Withrawals

Friends, I have solemn news.

My. Macbook. *turns face away and sobs*

Wednesday, the trackpad decided to play peek-a-boo. The kind of I’m working now. PSYCHE! Nope. Still not working. Maybe… ha, tricked you again kind of peek-a-boo. And yesterday, my keyboard adopted the same disobedient behavior.

Ugh, teenagers. .  .

After doing the typical WebMD Googling for Macbooks, trying to ignorantly fix the problem myself as we all try to do (don’t lie), I ended on the phone with a garbled man from Apple who had me poking keys and sitting in awkward silence. We ended the call with an appointment that day at the Apple Store.

I packed up my baby, and we headed out.


When You Have Nothing To Say

I got nothing

The curser blinks at you.


It’s a steady beat. A constant reminder of your lack of creativity. Your tired brain. Your empty train of thought.

You’re me at this very moment. You have writer’s[blogger’s]block.

For a split second, you think you have an idea. A spark!

And then you daydream about lunch, and the spark’s gone.

Bye-bye spark. . .

A Serious Color Issue

A Serious Color Issue by Rebekah Koontz

I may have been lying to myself all these years. This is a serious issue.

I write a lot of posts from a humorous angle, but don’t laugh. I’m not joking around. The realization of this issue has made me doubt all the things I believed to be true.

I mean, if I’ve lied to myself, who can I trust? This one lie has made me think back on other lies. I don’t know what ideas were mine, or what ideas were put into my head.

I don’t know what my favorite color is.