God’s NOT Dead — My Thoughts On More Than Just The Movie

God's Not Dead

My family was recently watching the movie, “God’s Not Dead.” I caught the tail-end of it, but it was powerful enough to make an impression on me, and hit me with some conviction.

I claim to be a Christian on this blog, but how much of that shines through?

I won’t be talking about the movie, but instead, my initial reasoning for being a Christian in the sense of: I believe God is not dead.

Cars Break Down — A Koontz Lifestyle Post


Yesterday, our van broke down, (luckily) after lunch, but in the rain—basically in the middle of the road. Though, it was well enough in the middle so cars could move around us easily.

It was no big deal.

Our cars have been breaking down all my life. I’ve pushed little cars, big cars, in the rain, in the mud, up hills.

My one negative thought about the van breaking down was, darn, I’m wearing my favorite heels. .

#IPSYLOVE February Glam Bag Review


This month’s Ipsy bag is titled #IPSYLOVE. It’s pink. So right off the bat, I think I can say they stuck to their theme for this month.

I also appreciate that there’s a product for every aspect of beauty: eyes, face, lips, hair.

And the bag this month feels and looks top notch. Good job Ipsy!