Lazy >> Justified

Lazy >> justified

I’m lazy. But I’m unashamed. See, lazy people, we’re creative. We’re visionaries. We think outside the box.

We don’t get the credit we deserve.

Now, I’m not accusing you. It’s possible you haven’t been taught. You simply don’t understand the lifestyle I and so many others have chosen.

You watch my actions, but you don’t see the utter genius of it all. That’s why I’m here, an advocate for lazy people around the world!

I’m about to persuade you with the written word. . . Right after this twenty minute YouTube break.

I’d Fail As The First Lady


When any woman is in a glorified, high and honored position, she should be a lot of things.

Graceful. Intelligent. Quiet (when the moment calls for it). A leader. Strong. Mature.

I have my moments. Moments I walk into a room and exercise momentary restraint by not screaming  “whoo does it STINK in here! Do you SMELL that? No really. Do you smell that?” and proceeding then, in an undertone, to lean over to my neighbor and murmur, “who do you think did it?

Then I have my moments of complete and utter failure. Moments I look back on, tilt my head, and think: maybe that’s why I wouldn’t make a good first lady. . .

A Gentleman’s Guide


The art of chivalry is dying. BUT I REFUSE TO LET IT DIE.

It’s not weak to let a man be sweet to you. And you’re not a chump if you care.

Ladies like gentlemen. When a man is a gentleman, he’s immediately more handsome, more trustworthy, more respected, and more endeared. He is our prince charming, our night in shining armor, our hero.

But how do I become a gentleman, Rebekah? 

I’m glad you asked, Bob. Here is your guide to being a gentleman.