Pick A Side

Pick a side

Lately, I’ve realized it’s become a problem—not that I have an opinion, no—but that I choose a side at all.

It isn’t popular to chose sides nowadays, did you know that?

“Me Before You” – by Jojo Moyes


I just finished throwing Jojo Moyes’ book, Me Before You, against a chipped brick wall.

The wall didn’t appreciate this childish outburst.

The book, however, shrugged and sighed and murmured, “fair enough.”

Dad & I Sing “All Because Of Love”

Dad & I sing all because of love

Even though this tends to primarily be a humor blog, I am also a sentimental fool.


In honor of Father’s Day today, I would like to share a video of my dad and I singing. I feel that this is one of the first times we’ve sang a duet together, but there’s nothing as fun and special as singing with someone you know. And who, besides mom, do you know better than your dad?

Order In The Food Court

Order in the food court by Paul Radin

Judge Paul, now presiding!

I’m only kidding; not really.

What is your favourite part of a shopping mall?

On the count of three, we’ll all reveal our answers as loud as we can. One…two…three…


Wonderful. How many of you also said “food court”?

You are reading a guest post, written by Paul from The Captain’s Speech.

10 Stages Of Writing A Book

10 stages to writing a book

I haven’t made a specific announcement that I’ve been writing a book. I know my tagline is Something to read as I work on my next novel. It alludes to the fact that I’m writing a book.

Anyhow. I, Rebekah Koontz, have written a book.

*shrieks and squeals, and is an all-round thirteen-year-old at a Justin Bieber concert*

Mommy, Me, & Maybelline

Mommy, me, and  maybelline 2

It’s Mother’s Day here in the U.S. The day of pastels, and lilies, and lots and lots of massive, heart-shaped cards entitled I love you THIS much! 

It was a lovely coincidence that I was sent a foundation too dark for my skin tone.

In true Mommy-Spirit, my mom graciously sat and smiled as I fluttered around her, dabbing, and spraying, and wiping. It got dicey when we came to mascara. But the foundation was definitely the star of the show.

Confessions Of A Pyromaniac

Confessions of a pyromaniac

Everyone has their set of special skills.

Some of us possess skills the world isn’t ready for. We’re misunderstood—unappreciated, even. We are Superman.

One of my special skills happens to be setting things ablaze burning things in our indoor, square fire-pit. Normal people call it a microwave.

How To Be Mature

How to be mature

I’m afraid I have reached the point in my life where writing a post on how to be mature is necessary.

I’ve seen the signs. The creative muses have cried out to me.

No, they’ve said, don’t write one more joke until you’ve spread this message of maturity. The world needs your help, Rebekah.

So here I am.

Spring Pinks | Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

spring pinks drugstore makeup tutorial

I almost called this post “Pink Eye.” Aren’t you glad I didn’t?

Dodged that bullet.

Filming Vlogmas last Christmas instilled a YouTube passion in me. With spring colors (and an easy makeup look even I can’t mess up), the time has come—*dramatic pause*—for me to conquer—*second dramatic pause*—my first makeup tutorial.

My Levels Of Insanity Based On The Time Of The Day

My levels of insanity based on the time of the day humor funny lifestyle blogger post

There’s something I love about the word insanity.

Insanity. Psychotic. Crazed.

Losing their minds.

I will use these phrases in humor, story telling, general description of human beings. . . I’m obsessed with the over-all declination of the human psyche. It’s fascinating.

So anyways. When my friend, Amy, turned to me and said she needed to create a line-graph based on her personal, every-day life, I smiled and said, “do one called My Levels Of Insanity Based On The Time Of Day.