LE TOTE Unboxing #3 and Special Black Friday Offer

Hello, hello, ladies.

I realize I never begin my posts as if I’m writing a letter. So today is a new day!

I thought today would be my last LE TOTE ever, until a special Black Friday Offer presented itself. But I’m going to be annoying and leave you hanging for a bit (or you could click on “Black Friday Offer”).

Unboxing LE TOTE #2

LE TOTE clothing and accessory rental

After my first unboxing, I was quite excited to send the box back for a sequel. It felt like it took a while to return to me, if I’m being honest.

Though sure enough, after a few days I was greeted with a new black box. This time, with a fancy styled for you sticker to greet me.

The box gave me my usual set of compliments.
And I jumped right in.

My First LE TOTE Box

LE TOTE clothing and accessory rental

I’m so excited to jump into my LE TOTE experience. (Click here to read more about LE TOTE and what it is!)

Sadly, the First Month Free trial is over. I hope those of you who wanted it were able to sign up. If you’re interested in signing up now, you can still use the promo code REBEKAH15 for %15 off.

Now, onto the box that came in the mail today!

Who’s excited? I’m excited.


LE TOTE clothing and accessory rental 
 I’ve been contacted by a fashion company called LE TOTE. If you’ve never heard of it (as I hadn’t), they call themselves the Netflix of fashion. They send you a box of three articles of clothing and two accessories for you to borrow and use, then you send them back their now-dirty laundry, and they send you a new box of clothes and accessories to borrow and use. 
This can happen an unlimited amount of times within the time span of one month. 
They pay for 2-day shipping, and they pay for dry clean. 
You only pay if you totally destroy their clothes or if you can’t part with their beautiful clothes or jewelry and decide to buy them. I’ve never heard about anything like this and was totally enthralled. 
I usually do vintage and thrifting, as you all know, but with something as strange as this, I had to try it out for myself… 
Also because it’s free. (Yes, the truth comes out..) 
For only the next few days, they’re giving you your first month FREE. The total comes out to $0.00. You don’t even pay for shipping. 
On top of it being free, how much fun would it be for all of us to try it out together? Just a cheesy thought. 
I know it’s not Fashion Friday. Friday has obviously come early this week, but the girl said that this big promotion might end tomorrow night so I had to tell you guys about it today. 
 Usually the subscription is $49/month, so it’s definitely worth it to try for free first. 
 *Clicking the link above qualifies you for the first month free promotion, while the promotion lasts. Full disclosure, I would get credit as well. Also, use promo code, REBEKAH15, for %15 off!