I Have No Volume Control

I have no volume control loud shout mouth humor funny cat

I do this super cute thing. . . No, seriously. It’s adorable.

Hear me out.

Pun intended.

See. I kinda, sorta in a big way have absolutely no volume control.

Life’s Disappointments


My humor blog has been too funny lately. It’s me. It’s my fault. I’ve been given the gift of comedy and I’m sorry.

But enough is enough! Real life is hard, people. It’s tough. There are heartbreaks, and fatty foods, and muscle cramps—the kind that start in your foot and spike up to your hip, a sinister reminder that you’re growing old and decrepit, even if you are only 21.

It’s time we open our eyes to the real world and its disappointments. Here are seven. (Seven isn’t an even number. Because numerical lists are cruel like that.)

Thoughts Bloggers Have

Thoughts Bloggers Have. Humor

Bloggers are a special kind of people. We speak through our fingers. We create pictures with words. We’re like YouTubers, with a keyboard.

We don’t know when to quit with the metaphors and similes…

The idea for this post hit me—as most posts tend to do—as I was staring at a roll of toilet paper. I wondered how bad, on a scale of 1-10, my latest post really was and realized these are thoughts all bloggers must have after, during, and before writing a blog post for all the internet to see.

Out poured this list.