Thoughts I Have Before Falling Asleep

Thoughts I have Before Falling Asleep 1

The fan whirs quietly in the dark room. I hear the puppy snoring and pray to God that dog stays quiet for the rest of the night—because I need my sleep. It’s time to sleep. I close my eyes. Then open my eyes.

Right, I should be sleeping. I forgot.

I close my eyes again. I think about sleeping. I imagine myself sleeping. I’m jealous of the imagination of myself sleeping. I look so peaceful.

Then a thought pops to mind, and another. Strange thoughts, but great ones. Some even ingenious ones.

These are the thoughts I have before falling asleep.

How (Not) To Sleep

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Recently, I wrote an article titled “How To Sleep,” this article you are reading will be it’s brother.

Some people need a little reverse psychology in their life. I am here to not give it to them. (That last joke may have gone over a few heads.)

If my last article wasn’t doing anything for you, read on. You may find in this article you are doing everything just right.

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Sleep Is Good, Sleep Is Great

One of the ladies in my church choir made a truly profound statement. She said that all teenagers need sleep.

I cocked my head at this. I would think that we’re supposed to be running on empty the younger we are, and as the complaints and fatigue increase, sleep more as we grow older.

But the lady who made the statement has several teenagers at home. She knows what she’s talking about. .

No, it doesn’t make sense to me, this great mystery of sleep. I haven’t cracked the code. These are just my thoughts and experiences on the subject.

Maybe we’ll all take a nap later.