My Levels Of Insanity Based On The Time Of The Day

My levels of insanity based on the time of the day humor funny lifestyle blogger post

There’s something I love about the word insanity.

Insanity. Psychotic. Crazed.

Losing their minds.

I will use these phrases in humor, story telling, general description of human beings. . . I’m obsessed with the over-all declination of the human psyche. It’s fascinating.

So anyways. When my friend, Amy, turned to me and said she needed to create a line-graph based on her personal, every-day life, I smiled and said, “do one called My Levels Of Insanity Based On The Time Of Day.

Notebook Insanity And Collection

Let’s talk about notebooks. I mentioned them in my You May Be A Writer If.. post under number three.

3. You own ten different notebooks and MUST have all ten on hand 24/7 because they each serve a different purpose and people don’t understand that.

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I have a notebook for every possible outlet of my life, and then other notebooks for the sub-outlets to those outlets.

2014-10-06 13.15.45


Some people don’t get that. Some people go to the 99c store, buy one notebook for their purse and that’s it. That’s all they use. No organizing. No page numbering. No index or table of contents. They sloppily jot down their whatever and move on with life.

Do they even worry about wasting paper? Do they use one note for one page and leave the rest of the page… blank? What about bookmarks? Do they indent?