How (Not) To Sleep

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Recently, I wrote an article titled “How To Sleep,” this article you are reading will be it’s brother.

Some people need a little reverse psychology in their life. I am here to not give it to them. (That last joke may have gone over a few heads.)

If my last article wasn’t doing anything for you, read on. You may find in this article you are doing everything just right.

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The Offending Candle

My mom and I went on a shopping date last Friday. There was a sale at ULTA that if you buy a big Body Shop body butter you get a mini free. Well I found out the hard way what “while supplies last” means.

I’m telling you this because it may or may not have led to one of the worst decisions of my life.

After ULTA and a lot of whining over my mini-body-butter-less-ness, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I was in a sensitive state.

2014-10-12 22.33.58

My eyes immediately fell on the Yankee Candle display, beautifully adorned with a bright yellow paper that read “CLEARANCE.” I scanned down the prices, and when I saw that the samplers were $1.49, I needed one.

You May Be A Writer If. . .

There are a lot of wannabe writers out there. But how do you know when the wannabe ends, and the real writer emerges from within you?

I wrote you a simple list. You’re welcome.


So here you go, a list of ten. You may be a writer if. . .