How [Not] To April Fools Jokes


I’m old and wise and have lived a full life of April-fools pranking.

Below are some that don’t end in a “ha-ha?”

I hope you read this before it’s too late.

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“Pink Is HOT” (Or. How To Stop Blushing)

Pink is hot

Having a naturally red face, I understand the struggle of blushing. Running up stairs, coughing, or even standing too quickly can result in a red face.

And there’s always that one annoying “friend” you secretly want to shoot who points at you and gushes, “aww, look. She’s BLUSHING!”

Then everyone and their mother has to turn and stare at you.

Here’s what you can do in those situations, besides whacking the loud-mouth ex-friend beside you, as tempting as that may seem.

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How Not To Be Awkward


This topic was requested from an Omghow girl, and I absolutely love it. If any string of words can make me smile, I’m on board.

How not to be awkward. Oh my dear, dear friend. You are close to my heart.

I will share my wisdom.

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