Issues With Hotels

The video game my little brother bought yesterday ended up missing a key component. Some sort of starter code that was in the manual that of course was missing from the game. However, the man did say we could return it, which we had laughed off as a joke, but turns out, we did.

There are a few “McKay Used Books CDs Movies And More”s around, and since we were headed to Atlanta, Georgia, there was one on the way.

I was so happy because this time I wasn’t feeling like I was going to faint and meet Jesus. I was able to really browse! (Which means really make a dent in my money spendings. I’m unemployed. I need to remind myself to stop.)


I woke up and didn’t notice anything wrong with me, until we were just about done reloading the van. Then I remember pausing to hold my stomach and realizing: I wasn’t feeling so good.

But all I do is sit in a van all day, it isn’t exactly strenuous. I figured I would be fine.

And we were going to a used book store! This place was supposed to be huge.