Friendships are so important and so special. I, for one, will always be looking for the Ethel to my Lucy. Who doesn’t want a friendship like theirs?

This Monday, my Bible study focused on Ruth.

If you don’t know the story, there was this woman, Naomi, who moved with her husband and two sons to the city of Moab. Soon, her sons married, one to a woman named Orpah and one to a woman named Ruth. Then, Naomi’s husband died. Then, Naomi’s sons, Orpah and Ruth’s husbands, also died, leaving the three women alone.

Naomi was bitter and angry and sad and felt like God was against her. She told Ruth and Orpah to leave her, go home, and go find new husbands. Orpah listened to Naomi, hugged and kissed her goodbye, cried, and went on her way, but Ruth refused.

Watching Your Mouth

Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent. . 

I have a little problem watching something. No, church members, it isn’t your kids I teach on Wednesday nights. It definitely isn’t my money. I watch that closely as it sifts through my fingers and transforms itself into beaming new shoes.

No. It’s my mouth.

I’m very sarcastic by nature. I get it from my dad, and I’m sorry to say, but I love it. I love the twisted view sarcastic people have on the world around them. I can sift through #sarcasm tweets for hours. Some are quite clever.

That’s what I like about sarcasm. How the better you are at it is equal to your skills in quick thinking. The cleverness of you. Sarcasm is a different language that a lot of people don’t understand. It’s an art.

That’s the biggest problem. So many people don’t understand that art. So you have to learn a different one.

The art of holding your tongue.