Liebster Award Part 2


I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely bloggers: Beckie from Spotlight and Dani from Crystal Sparkly Dreams.

Turns out, I’ve already accepted this award, almost exactly one year ago.

But I’m not one to let a tiny hiccup like that stop me.

A Serious Color Issue

A Serious Color Issue by Rebekah Koontz

I may have been lying to myself all these years. This is a serious issue.

I write a lot of posts from a humorous angle, but don’t laugh. I’m not joking around. The realization of this issue has made me doubt all the things I believed to be true.

I mean, if I’ve lied to myself, who can I trust? This one lie has made me think back on other lies. I don’t know what ideas were mine, or what ideas were put into my head.

I don’t know what my favorite color is.