I Dye My Hair | Vlogmas 17

Vlogmas 17

A girly-er vlog today. However, equally as entertaining!

(It even includes a teaser for tomorrow’s vlogmas.)

I used a Garnier box dye on my hair and colored my whole head for the first time. It was an experience. I include my very first, unscripted, natural reaction in this vlog.

Disclaimer: Please don’t let the reaction scare you. It really isn’t that bad.

5 Hair Struggles Rapunzel Has Daily

Five hair struggles Rapunzel has daily. Tangled. Humor

I don’t claim to have a lot in common with the princess Rapunzel. I’m not blonde, nor have a chameleon for a best friend, or know any hot guys named “Flynn”.

Long hair—however—long hair is something I have experience in. Years and years of experience.

As I began to think on this, I realized some thoughts Rapunzel actually has on a daily basis. Here are five.

The Military Ball 2014, Part #1 — Get Ready With Me


Some of you may remember the Military Ball from last year. If you do, you’re my favorite.

In case you aren’t filled in, every year there is a Military Ball. My older brother is a merchant marine. Thus, he is invited to these military balls, providing us with the opportunity to spend a lot of money and join him. So we do.

Last year, it was just my brother and I. This year, we both had dates.

Ah yes, moving up in the world.

New Hair! — Ombre

I recently wrote an article on how to talk yourself out of cutting your hair. That was dear to my heart, because I too was tempted to go for a “cute, short Christmas haircut,” just to mix things up.

I did talk myself out of it, luckily. However, I decided on an ombre instead.

I was telling my coworker about my hair ideas when she mentioned her sister. “She’s in school now, so I bet you she’ll do it for cheap.”

Polite follow-up question: has she done it before?

The Beauty Salon

I got my hair done recently. The day of the graduation, actually. And getting your hair done, if you’re a girl, is this long, physically and emotionally draining process that must happen – at the least – twice a year.

I usually leech off my mom when she goes. So the visit goes something like this.

My mom and I enter. Stylist smiles and greets my mom, then gives me a little cocked glance of “oh you‘re back.” I smile awkwardly from the side lines.

My mom and I then sit at the front because her stylist is always running behind, then the receptionist/hairstylist/girl-who-sits-near-the-front-playing-on-her-phone asks us if we want something to drink. Soda, coffee, water, beer?

I usually decline, but this time I go for the water, which comes in a chilled foggy glass, and after my second sip, I realize there are two black things floating in it.

My mom waits for the receptionist to go to the bathroom before running outside and dumping the water in the parking lot. She almost dumped it in a plant by the door, but luckily noticed it was fake before she flooded the little thing.

The Military Ball 2013: Get Ready With Me

So my brother finally sent me the rest of the pictures of the military ball. I’ve been having a lot of problems with my phone constantly dying on me, which is what happened AT the event, so I “borrowed” his while he was in the bathroom and took pictures with that all night.But then, he and his phone went back to school in New York and didn’t send me the pictures until now.

Technology (and brothers): Are they on our side?

This post was meant to be a “Get Ready With Me” post, so who cares it’s really late? Let’s get into it!

I started by washing and blow drying my hair with mousse, the main goal being volume.