I Dye My Hair | Vlogmas 17

Vlogmas 17

A girly-er vlog today. However, equally as entertaining!

(It even includes a teaser for tomorrow’s vlogmas.)

I used a Garnier box dye on my hair and colored my whole head for the first time. It was an experience. I include my very first, unscripted, natural reaction in this vlog.

Disclaimer: Please don’t let the reaction scare you. It really isn’t that bad.

5 Hair Struggles Rapunzel Has Daily

Five hair struggles Rapunzel has daily. Tangled. Humor

I don’t claim to have a lot in common with the princess Rapunzel. I’m not blonde, nor have a chameleon for a best friend, or know any hot guys named “Flynn”.

Long hair—however—long hair is something I have experience in. Years and years of experience.

As I began to think on this, I realized some thoughts Rapunzel actually has on a daily basis. Here are five.

The Military Ball 2014, Part #1 — Get Ready With Me


Some of you may remember the Military Ball from last year. If you do, you’re my favorite.

In case you aren’t filled in, every year there is a Military Ball. My older brother is a merchant marine. Thus, he is invited to these military balls, providing us with the opportunity to spend a lot of money and join him. So we do.

Last year, it was just my brother and I. This year, we both had dates.

Ah yes, moving up in the world.