How To Be Mature

How to be mature

I’m afraid I have reached the point in my life where writing a post on how to be mature is necessary.

I’ve seen the signs. The creative muses have cried out to me.

No, they’ve said, don’t write one more joke until you’ve spread this message of maturity. The world needs your help, Rebekah.

So here I am.

I’m Shy (?)

I was at a young ladies’ Bible study last night. I lead worship for them. And one of the leaders was going around with a clipboard, asking the girls one-on-one about prayer requests.

I had nothing to do but listen. However, I tried my best not to, until I heard the leader tell a pretty blonde girl, “well coming to this study will help you a lot with that.” She smiled and patted the girl on the back, which made her shift even more awkwardly in her chair.

The girls were also paired up and given flash cards so they could get to know one another and write each other’s prayer requests on the cards to take home with them.

The blonde girl’s partner pipped up loudly, “yeah, I used to be shy too. Believe it or not!”

Even I couldn’t believe it. There were only two things I knew about that girl, she was sporty and always voiced her opinions.

The blonde showed a hint of skepticism too.

Alarm Clocks – The Struggle

The alarm rings, whatever the sound is. Maybe it buzzes like a bird deranged. Maybe it’s a calm beep-boop tune. Maybe it’s the radio.

Whatever the case, you have two choices; hit snooze, or roll over and ignore it.

Let’s be honest. Actually getting out of bed is not one of the choices you’re considering.

Somehow, the bed that felt like a plank before has morphed into a fluffy marshmallow, sinking you into comfort and soft wonderful dreams. The light streaming into your window that was unceasing last night in your struggle for Zzz’s is now so easily shut out by a blanket over your face.

You’re going to stretch soon and attempt to wake up, you tell yourself. You’ll go to the kitchen and brew some coffee. You’re going to go take a shower and soon you’ll be wide awake.