I’m A Grandma

I'm a grandma Rebekah Koontz Rebecca Coonts

“So, Rebekah, what are you doing later?” Daniel asks me.

The clock on my phone reads 9:45pm. I squint at Daniel  like he’s lost his mind. “What do you mean later?”

“Later tonight.”

I blink three times, slowly. I planned on scurrying home and brewing a fresh mug of chamomile. I planned on stretching out the tendonitis in my wrists and wishing the cat sweet dreams. I planned on tidying my shoes and checking the status of my teeth. I planned on saying my prayers.

This was about the point I realized: I am a twenty-something grandma.

The Longest Day Ever | Vlogmas 23

Vlogmas 23

A tip for you, dear internet family.

Never attempt to reminisce with your best friend/boyfriend during a vlog.

Never. Ever. Ever.


The Convalescent Home

We walk onto the sterile floor, that unique smell already filling our senses. A man grunts at us from his wheel chair, making a gesture by tapping two fingers, slightly separated, to his lips repeatedly. We shake our heads no, we don’t have any cigarettes.

The building is a white tiled, tan walled maze that we’re familiar with. Residents lull about while nurses stroll around them in their stark white scrubs. We dodge everyone, fixed on our destination.

I can’t help it. I glance in almost every room we past, seeing each person that doesn’t have the stamina or will power to be out of bed and wandering with the rest of them. Instead, they’re sunk deep into their rumpled mattresses, staring up at a little TV in their dark room.

I’d go crazy if that was me. But most of them don’t have a choice.

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