I’m A Teen Blogger

I’ve been trying to utilize my social media much more lately, especially Twitter, and I came across the hashtag #teenblogger. I clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised and interested to find teen bloggers doing their thing on the internet. I was impressed. I was thinking how awesome it was that they were starting so young, where they would go in life, etc, etc. Then, somehow it hit me.

I’m a teen blogger.

I think right now I’m mourning because I could’ve been using the teenblogger hashtag this entire time and haven’t.

I’ve always felt weary of telling people my age, that they would think me silly or not dedicated or not worth their time reading. In the About Me section to your right, I thought long and hard about whether I should give my age or not. I finally decided on yes, because I was afraid my profile picture (like all my pictures) would make me appear actually younger than I really am.

It’s becoming obvious to me that I think too much about this. That being said, I’m here to raise my arms and proclaim to the world that yes, I AM A TEEN BLOGGER.

Just DO It!

Who said this? Nike?

It’s so true. When it comes to life, and you don’t know what to do, chances are, you know what you should do. So what do you do then?

I lost you, didn’t I.

Last Sunday, my pastor was talking about “how do you live a life for Christ?” And it’s this easy: if you know what you should do, do it.