Why I Must Be Caffeinated At All Times

Coffee is dear to my heart. It began at a young age, tasting my mom’s coffee ice cream for the first time. Then I worked at a coffee shop for two years and one thing led to another. . .

I’ll just get into it. Because as soon as I finish this post, I get to run downstairs and get free, you-know-what warm delicious goodness from the hotel lobby.

This hotel is wonderful.

Caught Cheating


I hear the rumble of someone pulling into the driveway and jolt to attention.

I listen.

The unmistakable squeak of the gate sends me flying, searching, digging. Butt in the air, I unearth couch cushion after couch cushion, looking for the remote. I grit my teeth. Where is it, where is it, where is it?

Mom can’t come in now. She can’t know what unforgivable things I have done.