How (Not) To Clean Your Room

Prepare yourself.


I’m going to write about something very close to my heart.

So dear, in fact, that I’ve already mentioned it in more than one post (5 Things I’m Really Bad At, Time, Spring Cleaning).

I have become world renown in this subject. A professional in every sense of the word. A high authority on the matter.

It has taken nineteen years for me to claim such attribution. Nineteen years of trial and error, hard work and practice. I am now prepared to share with you all my secrets on the matter.

You will never have to wonder “am I doing it right?” again.

Here’s how not to clean your room.

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Happy Birthday Little Bro

Today is a very big day for someone. I’ll give you a hint. That someone isn’t me (even though I’m easing the dosage on my cough medications and now I can think clearly, which is – in fact – a useful trait in my day to day life. Go figure).

But no, not me.

He’s about as tall as me.

Can eat as many Cheetos puffs as me.

And he does in fact have the same last name as me.

It’s my little brother’s birthday! Streamers, and confetti, and fanfare all around!

2014-10-16 12.03.30

Medical Transcription-ing

You guys know how I blew about half of my life savings (or, one-year savings, since I’ve only been working that long) to pay for my medical transcription at-home schooling.

Well, here’s an update on that.

I thought I was gonna hate it. I thought it would be painful, bring me horrible post-traumatic stress of highschool. I thought I would regret and miss that money I could’ve spent on less-important, non-career-enhancing hobbies or activities or. . shoes.

But I’m pleased to announce so far so good!

2014-08-15 09.57.56