Dad & I Sing “All Because Of Love”

Dad & I sing all because of love

Even though this tends to primarily be a humor blog, I am also a sentimental fool.


In honor of Father’s Day today, I would like to share a video of my dad and I singing. I feel that this is one of the first times we’ve sang a duet together, but there’s nothing as fun and special as singing with someone you know. And who, besides mom, do you know better than your dad?

Koontz’es Go To A Fight!

Koontz'es go to a fight

I told a friend I was going to a fight on Saturday afternoon. To which, he promptly replied. “I’ll hold your hoop earrings for you!”

I have friends I can count on.

But no, really.

My family and I went to our first MMA fight. It was perfect timing too, during Father’s Day weekend.

My Dad’s Father’s Day Present – Pictures Revealed

The problem with having a blog your family reads is that you can’t write funny stories when it’s supposed to be a secret.

Actually, I was laughing and taking pictures of the whole scene (between assisting them, of course). Afterwards, I went inside for some water, and my mom came busting in, hurriedly telling me, “don’t post those pictures yet, he’ll see!” She obviously had the same thought.

Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag, here’s the story behind my dad’s Father’s Day present, which turned out to be as humorous as he is.

Father’s Day

We all saw it coming. It’s after Mother’s Day… Has a lot to do with ties and golfing… Yup. Father’s Day! Surprise!

I have to admit, after Mother’s Day, I’m exhausted. It’s an emotional process, getting your mom the perfect, most thoughtful gift so she knows how much you mean to her and how much you pay attention to her and the things she likes. Not to mention it’s a gage of how much you truly love her!! Just kidding.

Can you tell I’m having flashbacks of the trauma? The twitch is real.

Then when you somewhat recover – BAM! – you’re slapped with Father’s Day. I’m not complaining. I’m sure I’d complain even if the days were far apart. I just want to know why they are so close together.

To set the record straight, I do love my parents.