Face-less – Why I Boycotted Facebook

I opened the shop yesterday at 6am, didn’t get off until 12pm, and totally spaced on blogging so I apologize. I do try to write Monday-Friday or else you’ll see a Tweet.
That being said. Last post, I talked about my article “Face-less.” I boycotted Facebook for years, and I knew I was taking a stand against something considered normal, so I – of course – had to write about it.
Without further ado, here’s my article/post “Face-less,” straight from my old blog, no changes. It was also published in a California Writer’s Club anthology.

I’m on Facebook! (The Story Behind the Page)

I’ve been boycotting Facebook since the time of MySpace. As older people would say, “oh I just gave away my age..”

I think I’ll share a post I wrote back on my first blog about being Face-less. I thought it was a clever title until I heard a song on AirOne that had the same name.

Back to Facebook. You wouldn’t think that by me simply making a Facebook page, I could come away with a story long enough for a blog post.

Oh. Ohhh. Contrair.

Keep in mind that I’m obviously not tech savvy. And no it didn’t take me five minutes to make the darn page! Here’s the story.