Lazy >> Justified

Lazy >> justified

I’m lazy. But I’m unashamed. See, lazy people, we’re creative. We’re visionaries. We think outside the box.

We don’t get the credit we deserve.

Now, I’m not accusing you. It’s possible you haven’t been taught. You simply don’t understand the lifestyle I and so many others have chosen.

You watch my actions, but you don’t see the utter genius of it all. That’s why I’m here, an advocate for lazy people around the world!

I’m about to persuade you with the written word. . . Right after this twenty minute YouTube break.

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How (Not) To Sleep

we heart it[Source]

Recently, I wrote an article titled “How To Sleep,” this article you are reading will be it’s brother.

Some people need a little reverse psychology in their life. I am here to not give it to them. (That last joke may have gone over a few heads.)

If my last article wasn’t doing anything for you, read on. You may find in this article you are doing everything just right.

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How (Not) To Clean Your Room

Prepare yourself.


I’m going to write about something very close to my heart.

So dear, in fact, that I’ve already mentioned it in more than one post (5 Things I’m Really Bad At, Time, Spring Cleaning).

I have become world renown in this subject. A professional in every sense of the word. A high authority on the matter.

It has taken nineteen years for me to claim such attribution. Nineteen years of trial and error, hard work and practice. I am now prepared to share with you all my secrets on the matter.

You will never have to wonder “am I doing it right?” again.

Here’s how not to clean your room.

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